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Second Hand Cars

Second Hand Vehicle

At Wenlock Motors we offer a range of second hand cars. In great condition and ready for you to test drive or purchase, get your next car from us today. View our range below to find out what we have to offer.

Check our reviews on The Good Garage Scheme website, as we are members of The Good Garage Scheme:

WENLOCK MOTORS LTD - Are members of the Good Garage Scheme

We are proud to be apart of the Good Garage Scheme. The scheme aims to help people find the best and most reliable local garages in their area to carry out MOT and service work on peoples motor vehicles. When we joined the scheme we commited to adhear to strict codes of conduct, provide and agree any work which needs doing before it is undertaken and work to the highest industry standards. You can find out more on the Good Garage Scheme via the information below.