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Wenlock Motors offer body shop repairs for all makes of vehicle in a brand new body shop repair department.
All aspects of the repair is undertaken by our highly experienced Body Shop and Paint Technician who has extensive knowledge in all aspects of repair and restoration.


Wenlock Motors cater for all makes and models of vehicles including light commercials. Guaranteeing a first class service every time.

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Wenlock Motors offer an interim and standard service which are carried out in accordance to The Good Garage Scheme which is very comprehensive and offers excellent value to customers wishing to ensure their vehicle stays at it’s best.

Is An Estimate The Same As A Quote?

No. A quote is a binding price once agreed by both parties. An estimate is an educated guess that can change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Will The Colour Match?

All parts will be painted with the original colour of the car, but the paintwork on the car may have faded, our technicians will do their best to blend if this is the case to make any differences unnoticeable.

How Do I Know If A Part Is Repairable?

If it is minor damage then often this can be repaired but not in all cases due to materials or point of impact.

Is This An Exact Price For The Repair Of My Car?

No. It is not possible to give an exact estimate over the internet without first viewing the car. This can work both ways, upon viewing of the car it may be decided that the damage can just be repaired and parts may not be needed.

What Type Of Parts Are Being Used?

Vehicle parts can come from many sources. Sometimes the only place is the vehicle dealer, but on many parts there are other manufacturers who can supply good quality replacements. Where we can find a good quality replacement at a competitive price that is what we use, and we make sure that we pass on the savings to you.



WENLOCK MOTORS LTD - Are members of the Good Garage Scheme

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